Redine: Live to Drive?? Let me explain….

Every passing day of my life, since my early teens, I find myself at some point during the day thinking of something auto industry related. May it be a modification to my car, new car comparisons, comparing the prices of all vehicle types new and used or catching up with the future makes and models soon to released, I am always trying to learn as much information as possible about the automotive industry. Usually I spend several hours a week watching reviews from Tiff Needel of fifth gear, or Jeremy Clarkson screaming as he carves the famous top gear track in the newest ferrari, or even the guys on driving supercars the their top speeds. Gotta give some love to our local Canadian Boys at Motoring TV for all their motorsport passion and expertise. The excitement portrayed by these people have spread to me and hopefully it can spread to many more.

I think this video of me over the years will be enough to show you how passionate I am about my love for cars……These are small pieces of some of the dozens of reviews I have done myself. Literally a digital camera (not even a go pro!) tape to keep it on the dash board, no script, a borrowed car from clients (thanks guys!! πŸ™‚ please don’t be mad lol) and a couple hours in the middle of the night). I was so so young… sad how the time flies by.

This is my true passion and hopefully one day, my retirement job of creating a motorsport heaven will arrive. At the moment and since the age of 13 I have been involved in my family restaurant business which my brother and I currently have owned for over 3 years, yet every moment I am thinking of cars. Damn you cars, I should be watching the food network (which most shows are complete lies by the way haha!) My love for cars began in my early teens and quickly became a daily obsession. To be more specific, driving a vehicle that excites me on a daily basis, even the daily commute to work, can be a very exciting part of your day! Those who share this passion of mine will totally understand what I mean.I am going to set things straight first about me, I am no mechanic at all, and my knowledge in regards to any hands-on mechanical aspect of a vehicle is minimal. Also, I do not promote any type of business at all in this field although I will express my bias towards specific cars and automakers with several reasons depending on the topic at hand. I am simply trying to make people realize that they can purchase significantly better vehicles that are more suited to their needs and desires at any price range.

Let’s be honest, knowledge of all types, makes and models of cars, trucks and SUV’s seems to be very useless in the real world however I totally and passionately disagree with that. I believe that my knowledge about various vehicles statistics, resale values and ownership pros/cons can really help an individual get the best vehicle at any price point they choose. I am going to talk about everything, from cars, trucks, SUV’s and even the dreadful minivan segment! These are the types of topics that will be discussed. I will provide all of my reasons if I make any claims or judgements on specific brands, which I will be doing.

Needless to say my idols have influenced me to the point where I think I should be one of the hosts of Top Gear Canada……come on people support me!

If anyone has any questions for anything automotive related including suggested posts, recommendations, reviews of comments please shoot me an email at:

Live to Drive!!

309 comments on “Redine: Live to Drive?? Let me explain….

  1. Awesome column. I’m married to a car guy, and I figured I might as well get used to it. I’m running in the Daytona 1/2 Marathon next year, just to give him something to do while I run. Thanks for the Follow!

    • Thanks for the compliment! Tell your car hubby to follow me so we can chat anytime! I am always up for a good car conversation about anything. Any advice please feel free to message me!

  2. Well! I am quite touched that you visited and are following my blog. I love to drive and prefer a standard even in Winter, feel more in control of my car. Hmmm, I drive an old 2003 Hyundai Tibiron, 5 speed, V6…and can’t shift lately, cables are finished…which is a challenge to find anywhere…I literally had to back my car out myself a few weeks ago…with this freezing weather here…the cables get stiff I guess. So anyway, thanks for the follow….Oliana

    • Your very welcome and thank you for following me as well!

      I love your love for standard, it really is a dying breed and in time they will no longer exist and no longer be an option for most cars. Unfortunately the most iconic sports cars of today no longer even offer manual transmission, it’s kinda sad. Gotta love the cold climates too, I know exactly how you feel. Luckily the cable fix may not be too bad, hopefully you can take care of it at a low cost. I suggest doing a google search for “hyundai oem parts” and look to purchase online for the parts and it will safe you lots of $$$$. Also labour shouldn’t be too intense.

      Thanks for the follow!

      • Excellent point! My mecanic is dealing with 3 dealers but my son suggested I check with an OEM in Windsor, Ontario…and I may ask my friend who use dto be a mecanic in his area to check too. With the storm I would probably not have used my car…a low car is not great in lots of snow. I think reg cars like Honda, Toyota, Nissan still have standard…I am sticking with this for as long as I can….it is much cheaper to repair and safer for driving…I daydream too much with an automatic…{chuckles}

  3. Thanks fro following me at “Howl to Find Meaning.” Lot’s of great info here—I’m currently selling my SUV so perhaps this blog will give me a few ideas on a new ride. Thanks again for taking the time to read my words.

    • Your very welcome and thank you for following me as well.

      Please please please feel free to email me or message me and I would be more than happy to make some suggestions at an price range you are looking for and your personal likes and dislikes. I would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction!

      Live to drive

  4. Passion is a fire that burns from within and ignites life into those nearby and those who are seeking life. You are excited by the power and the beauy of cars; I am excited by the power and beauty of Love. Amazing find to have you following.

    • Two wonderful passions that oddly enough intersect each other in a weird sort of way. A man’s lust for machine is very similar to his lust for love. Thank you for your follow and I appreciate your comment.

      Live to Love…..and drive πŸ™‚

  5. Hi there! Glad you dropped by my blog and leading me back here. So many interesting tidbits, although I’m not a car enthusiast, I can see your passion for it and it shows on your blog. Keep them coming! πŸ™‚

  6. Hello, thank you for stopping in my blog .
    We share a passion for cars and you do have some great babies here.
    But I have to make also a comment that perhaps many men wont like.
    I do know that unfortunately many women don’t want to discover the real driving experience and they are simply incapable in many cases but there are exeptions in the rule , believe me .
    I’m not boasting since this is something I don’t like but I think I belong to the exeptions. I own much to my driving instructor a Rally driver who kept telling to “speed “& “overtake ” again and again and taught me to park practically blind.
    I do love every single moment behind the wheel .
    Keep driving ….

    • I think a woman is simply not exposed to the fun and excitement that is typically male dominated. However with names like Amber and Anegla Cope (Talk about a gearhead fantasy!), Jennifer Jo Cobb, Danica Patrick etc etc the racing scene has never been more exciting for both men and woman to enjoy! Racing is like a rollercoaster ride that you can control, maybe even more intense because the danger factor is much higher. Rally driving may be the most fun on 4 wheels possible as you know.

      I love this comment and thank you for the follow!

      • Hi:),
        thank you for your reply.
        Yes there is a movement there but still at least in Europe women are using cars only if it is necessary and they are not much on fast driving and fun .
        I do love 4 wheels driving. you can control the car better.
        Enjoy the day , thanks .

    • Old school muscle yet you craved the most iconic evolving vehicle ever made?? Hmmmmmm don’t tell others about this desire because it may cause outrage in the Ford/Chevy/Dodge communities. That being said I don’t blame you. I had the same desire to drive a Porsche and to this day I have driven 6 models (996 C4S, 996 Turbo, 996 GT3 which I now own for 3 years and love, 986 Boxster S, 986 Boxster, Cayenne Turbo, and Cayenne S) and all these cars possess soul. I love your household already!

      Love to Drive!

      • I did. I craved the Porsche 911 Twin Turbo and I blame Jake Ryan for it completely.
        Impressive list you have there!

        My father, who is a cowboy, always said he had no idea where my champagne bloodline came from. πŸ˜‰ I still appreciate those muscle cars, give me a Dodge Challenger any day of the week though. (my fathers brother’s car, yeah I kinda take more after him.)

        My uncle used to follow Eric Clapton around the US in that car with the back seat full of homemade wine. What a life people led in the 70s. Miss that by a few decades, but oh well.

        When I met one of my dearest friends she was driving a Cayenne S (suv) and I knew we’d be besties from that day on. πŸ™‚

        I loose my breath when I see the Porsche Panamera driving by me. What I wouldn’t give for even a ride…and to drive it..come on! Such soul, I agree.

        Great blog. I have a feeling I’ll be stopping by to see what’s new.
        Take care ~ Audrey

  7. Thanks for the follow @ fashionablyhealthy, your blog looks nice. I look forward to digging around and learning something!

  8. Many thanks for following my blog. For me your blog would be better called Learn to Drive since even at my age ( as old as Santa) I still haven’t bothered to learn. Now I’d need a fortune for lessons and a small, automatic to drive. Nadolig Llawen.

    • Dear Santa, all I want for Xmas is a Ferrari F430, Black on Tan, 6 speed manual with Carbon Ceramic Brakes…..if you can get me this I would love to teach you how to drive this wonderful machine πŸ™‚ Deal?? Is this a version of the West Jet Xmas Surprise campaign?? Please Be it!

      Great comment! Live to Drive! ….. Or in this case Learn to Drive!

  9. I wanted to extend my appreciation for you following my blog and wanted to extend the favor. I have had a strange passion for Saturn’s, with me going through a minor depression when they were discontinued. I’m sure Saturn isn’t a car that you have on your radar, LOL!

    • Hey man!!!

      Here is a little fun fact for all you saturn lovers. Did you know before Saturn went belly up they produced a 4 door sedan that actually won NAIAS car of the year (AKA Detroit Auto Show car of the year) as well as the 2007 Motoring car of the year ?? That car was none other than the Saturn Aura, a very handsome 4-door sedan, which at the time showed that GM may have had a glimmer of hope for it’s Saturn brand. On top of that the Saturn Sky Redline was a beauty and also a very capable and attractive roadster.

      Oddly enough, I happen to like the redline sky, it’s definitely a top 10 roadster simply because of it’s rarity now and it’s significantly better looks than its brother the Solstice.

      Live to Drive….even a good Saturn lol

  10. Just stopped by to thank you for following me – I am impressed with your blog! I will definitely pass it along to my hubby, who is a car guy too. πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for the follow, much appreciated, though I fear I’m not one for normally talking about cars on it! Regardless, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading yours; I’m a student days at present, so no money for that sort of thing, but I’m sure it’ll get there eventually.

    • Student life, I remember those days when I was on the grind not too long ago actually. It’s tough to say the least but the real world can be even more difficult. I always dreamed of owning fast toys and year by year those dreams can become a reality. These products, any product out there is there for anyone to purchase and own with the means, and who is to say that we can’t be the ones on day to acquire anything we truly desire?? Therefore keep reading my blog, work hard, keep passionate and always strive to do your absolute best. Even when you think your doing your best, try harder and then you will truly succeed.

      Live to Drive!! Or for now Live to Study hard so you can Drive soon lol!

  12. Hey, thanks for the follow. I was just wondering how you found both my blogs as one is anonymous? (it spooked me a bit!). G πŸ™‚

  13. Awesome! I don’t know much about cars but I know a lot about adrenalin. Speed and stunts! Take me with you haha! Im very much a lady, with a few issues (speeding ticket collection, not good).

    Stay safe but live a little!

    Thanks for following and keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Ohhhhh la la a lady with a speeding ticket is a lady dying to get on a circuit with a sports car I’m thinking πŸ™‚ No but with all seriousness sports cars are all about adrenaline, plain and simple. A rollercoaster, a scary movie, high adrenaline sports, sky diving, and that good stuff.

      Drive safe for sure, but at the same time get into some trouble!!

      Live to Drive…..and for some Trouble πŸ™‚

  14. I’m definitely a fan of standard transmission for several reasons. Quality and maintenance are two important ones. Like true vintage fashion items, the workmanship and materials make them durable and repairable, if necessary. I’d love to see vintage cars, too! Thanks for joining my fun – hope you’ll continue to enjoy the daily photos from my closet.

    • I love your style, it’s a dying breed to say the least. Your absolutely correct when it comes to manual transmissions, more specifically compared to modern sequential manual (AKA Automated Manual) gearboxes. Although these transmissions are far superior for performance, fuel economy, drive ability and ease of operation, they sacrifice soul and reliability (not always tho).

      I will definitely enjoy your great work and thank you for your follow!

  15. Hello and thank you for following my blog. I don’t know much about cars. I’m a girlie girl. When I moved to Delaware and found out I had to pump my own gas….I was mortified!!!!!! You might be interested in knowing I drive a 1988 rag-top mustang. 4.0 I think. LOL Anyway have a great day. πŸ™‚

    • I like girlie girls I must say, and that is the funniest thing I have read in a while !!! The fear of pumping gas….pumpephobia….wait a minute that sounds dirty lol A girlie girl in a mustang, a match made in heaven πŸ™‚

      Live to Drive…..with gas in the tank.

      • LOL. Well I’m glad you got a good laugh. Yes pumpephobia does sound sexual. My friend told are all of 100lbs, and 99 percent of it is in your right foot. I get where I am going in Mustang Sally!!!! Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks so much for the follow on my blog. My husband is the car nut in the family and he is so pro-
    Volvo that he doesn’t think there are very few that compare. A man who knows his own mind – plus he worked for Volvo for 10 years.

    • Thank you for following me as well πŸ™‚ You hubby and I are buddies and he doesn’t know about it lol He worked for a car company that has been producing very high quality and under appreciated vehicles, so kudos to him for helping with a great company!

  17. Thanks for the follow. I think you site is awesome. My dad loved cars. He had four old jaguars and an Austin Martin, all of them he restored himself. He was a cool guy.

    • Very very cool to hear! He’s a man with fine taste for English automotive marvels, a man we can truly respect in that sense. Very cool to say the least.

      I really appreciate your comment, it makes my passion that much more worth the time.

      Live to drive….Maybe an Aston one day πŸ™‚

  18. Thank you so much for following BigBodyBeautiful, my new friend. Now THIS is a blog you have here. I LOVE it and the cars? Soooo nice. I’ll take the Porche on your background. No, seriously. Who do I talk to about this? Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for the support and the very cool stuff that you share with everyone. Big hugs from your new friend, BigLizzy

    • I like you πŸ™‚ alot !!

      Speaking of the Porsche in the background….it’s mine….and it’s for sale haha!! So let’s start talking!! It’s a beauty that’s for sure, and a true rollercoaster feel.

      Thank you so much for following and I like your content a lot! Keep Blogging!!

      Live to Drive! 996 GT3’s of course πŸ˜‰

      • OhMaGod…pant…pant.. That is YOURS?!! Oh, if only I were rich, rich, rich!! Hey, did I tell you that I ride a big, fat-ass, 103-cubic-inch Harley and she’s purple and orange? Now, I know that’s not a car, but she is damn fast and huge and well, a Harley! I LOVE going fast! My three fave colors, black, orange, and purple. So, this delicious Porche of yours would seriously make the entire vehicle ensemble and be the icing on my cake. Hmmmm…Lemme guess. Your delicious little car is in the range of 80K? Gawd, I would give my eyeteeth to have her. I’ve always wanted a Porche GT3. Hell, I’d honestly take any Porche. Even an old-school, beater 914. Sigh….maybe the holiday fairies will let me win the Lotto and then you and I are going to HAVE A VERY SERIOUS CONVERSATION, my sweet friend. I’m so giggling right now. Can you feel it?! Ha! Hugs from your BigLizzy!

      • haha!! I guess that’s what skipping out of partying on the weekends in highschool and 100 work weeks get lol !!

        GT3 are quite the value holding cars, especially now that the new GT3’s no longer offer and manual transmissions, the value holding and potential appreciation is very strong!!

        I hope the fairies get you some cash cause I can’t wait to be your personal shopper πŸ™‚ I can start now just in case it happens haha!! who am I kidding I already know all the cars you should buy and their values at this very moment, screw google just ask me !

        I love your taste, that colour RS is a beauty, if I had to choose it would be a 997.2 (2010 or 2011) Blue GT3 RS with PCCB (carbon ceramic brakes….look for the yellow calipers) and black wheels…..ahhhhhhh

        Your so sweet. Thank you for contributing and I wish you all the best luck !! Any type of advice please email me. You know 15000-20000$ can get you a good 986 boxster S, and if shopped correctly will be very reliable πŸ™‚ Just saying…

        Live to Drive!

  19. Hi. Recently you started following my blog. This may seem a little strange: I was wondering if you could kindly stop doing so? It is not my intention to offend you by making this request, but I would be grateful if you stopped.

    • Turbo Saab…..I like where this is going!! I’m hoping it’s that little gem of a “Boxer” turbo motor that is shared with the WRX.
      Thanks for the Follow!

      Live to drive!

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