Redine: Live to Drive?? Let me explain….

Every passing day of my life, since my early teens, I find myself at some point during the day thinking of something auto industry related. May it be a modification to my car, new car comparisons, comparing the prices of all vehicle types new and used or catching up with the future makes and models soon to released, I am always trying to learn as much information as possible about the automotive industry. Usually I spend several hours a week watching reviews from Tiff Needel of fifth gear, or Jeremy Clarkson screaming as he carves the famous top gear track in the newest ferrari, or even the guys on driving supercars the their top speeds. Gotta give some love to our local Canadian Boys at Motoring TV for all their motorsport passion and expertise. The excitement portrayed by these people have spread to me and hopefully it can spread to many more.

I think this video of me over the years will be enough to show you how passionate I am about my love for cars……These are small pieces of some of the dozens of reviews I have done myself. Literally a digital camera (not even a go pro!) tape to keep it on the dash board, no script, a borrowed car from clients (thanks guys!! πŸ™‚ please don’t be mad lol) and a couple hours in the middle of the night). I was so so young… sad how the time flies by.

This is my true passion and hopefully one day, my retirement job of creating a motorsport heaven will arrive. At the moment and since the age of 13 I have been involved in my family restaurant business which my brother and I currently have owned for over 3 years, yet every moment I am thinking of cars. Damn you cars, I should be watching the food network (which most shows are complete lies by the way haha!) My love for cars began in my early teens and quickly became a daily obsession. To be more specific, driving a vehicle that excites me on a daily basis, even the daily commute to work, can be a very exciting part of your day! Those who share this passion of mine will totally understand what I mean.I am going to set things straight first about me, I am no mechanic at all, and my knowledge in regards to any hands-on mechanical aspect of a vehicle is minimal. Also, I do not promote any type of business at all in this field although I will express my bias towards specific cars and automakers with several reasons depending on the topic at hand. I am simply trying to make people realize that they can purchase significantly better vehicles that are more suited to their needs and desires at any price range.

Let’s be honest, knowledge of all types, makes and models of cars, trucks and SUV’s seems to be very useless in the real world however I totally and passionately disagree with that. I believe that my knowledge about various vehicles statistics, resale values and ownership pros/cons can really help an individual get the best vehicle at any price point they choose. I am going to talk about everything, from cars, trucks, SUV’s and even the dreadful minivan segment! These are the types of topics that will be discussed. I will provide all of my reasons if I make any claims or judgements on specific brands, which I will be doing.

Needless to say my idols have influenced me to the point where I think I should be one of the hosts of Top Gear Canada……come on people support me!

If anyone has any questions for anything automotive related including suggested posts, recommendations, reviews of comments please shoot me an email at:

Live to Drive!!

309 comments on “Redine: Live to Drive?? Let me explain….

    • Your absolutely right about that, oddly enough passion can sometimes turn into so much more…..crazy how it works πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your comments and the follow!

      Live to drive…passionately.

  1. Hi Tom,

    And thanks for taking an interest in my little blog. I guess I had a few posts that stoked your interest?

    As for cars,

    I am partial to the old classics. I really love the older stuff where they were truly made of all-Steel, and were not computerized down to the last bolt.

    I generally loved the Pontiac Firebirds, especially from the years: 1975 – 1981 ( I once had a 1981 Formula I, but the previous owner really ruined it! )

    I am also partial towards the old Ford Mustangs ( like: 1967’s to about 1978 ). These were some really-powerful little cars!

    A friend of mine, who is really big into the classics and “collector” cars, has had a fascination with some of the early 1970’s Plymouth Volares, Dodge Darts, etc. Really interesting that it was only a few years ago that these models were not considered anything special. NOW, it seems there is a buzzing collector’s market for them too! Well surprise, surprise. You just never know when or if a particular run of cars will become so heavily sought after, in the years to come.

    I Enjoyed my visit, here!

    Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • Thank you for the follow and you have some cool content man!!

      Old school classics have no much nostalgic value to so many people. They truly were wonderful machines for the most part. Super solid and the heaviest of steel possible (Good thing gas was pennies per liter way back when) These cars, especially low mileage restored originals are some of the most valuable cars on the road today and for a good reason. Their rarity, rawness, beauty, and most of all the memories they trigger for people are worth more than money can by and ultimately that’s the only thing that matters. The collector car world is very complex to say the least, you just ever know what’s going to be sought after one of these days….but then again I can make a few predictions based on a few factors….anyone wanna hear??

      Live to drive……especially for memories πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the follow!
    I’m not the best at car knowledge but I do enjoy driving, (especially fast!) a lot! I scare my Husband with my driving so I don’t drive much since we have one car, but we are thinking on buying a second one so if you have any good tips or ideas of some good easy on fuel, family vehicles (that can fit 2 carseats in the back seat nicely without squishing) that’d be awesome too. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the follow and the comment!

      Now madame you are speaking my language, I seem to have located an adrenaline junkie πŸ™‚
      There is an issue with your recommendation for a second, I think you forgot to put another key element into the mix ….. you need a little bit of a “fun to drive” factor involved as well.

      How about this. Give me a list of the 3-5 most important things to you, your price range, I know that it needs to be family friendly, and also maybe something that you maybe always wanted to own yet thought it may be too expensive as I may be able to get something equivalent or maybe that exact thing for you…..ya never know ??? I would absolutely be more than happy to help 110%!!

      Looking forward to giving you suggestions!!

      I really like your fun loving posts and backgrounds!

      Live to Drive…..even with baby seats (Not yet for me…..I guess a Panamera Turbo would suffice lol)

      • You’re welcome! πŸ™‚
        haha Yea I guess I kinda am one, though I’ve seemed to have mild down a bit since having a baby (gotta play it safe with him around, can’t have him getting hurt)
        Yes it’d definitely have to be fun to drive! πŸ˜€
        Hmm price range would have to be kinda cheap, we’re a one income household, so probably no more the 15000ish might be able to go a little higher but not sure just depends on monthly payments. (I know that’s not much to work with huh?)
        I’ve always wanted nice truck (or a Charger..omg those things are beastly!!) πŸ˜› but I know those aren’t the best family friendly, next best to those are probably Jeeps, Land Rovers, or I really liked the look of one of those SUV you had posted-have to double check to see which one tho. My husband wants a mini van (*cringe*) but I hate the way most of them look, but really so long and it’s got a cool name and kinda looks weird he likes it. Also we’d like something that’s easy on gas, since we drive a lot. He has a Toyota Yaris right now and it gets about 30mpg, so we’d want something that gets about the same.

        Thanks! I’m new to blogging still so I’ve been trying a lot of things out.:)

        Thanks for the help!

        (haha, at least those are pretty nice looking!)

    • Thank you so much for the follow!! Much appreciated!! Those Tomatoes look delicious in the background….I could make a great Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese salad in my restaurant if I had those in hand πŸ™‚ No shortage of energy here !!

      Live to drive….and eat delicious Italian Classics!

  3. Thanks for coming over to my blog. I like your car comments and the pics of those shiny new cars but I have to have a little giggle. I drive a 1995 Holden Barina Swing! I am not complaining she is a gem. She still has pick up at the lights. I am old, very old, much older than my little car but I still like to shoot off from the lights first if I can. I am interested in seeing who is going to go first…me…or…her πŸ™‚
    My son is a rev head so I get to speed with him on his motorbike or his race car he built himself. Cheers, keep up the good work.

    • A little giggle lol If I am producing giggles I know that my words have reached an emotional level with people πŸ™‚

      Holden eh? Are you perhaps in the land of the Aussies??

      Quick story about Holden for my readers, Holden makes Amazing Cars!! Unfortunately North America has only seen 1 true solid car based on the Holden know as the Pontiac G8. This car was actually the only car I believe that GM got right with Pontiac got right! The G8 GT and the GXP were simply astonishing cars for the money and dollar for dollar kept up with the major German Brands. Was a 5 series, E-class or A-6 worth double or more the money as the G8??? Not even close, both powertrain and interior design and quality. It was the only true home run Pontiac hit! Unfortunately it was the only true home run they hit in the past 30 years.

      However….Just recently GM has released the new and significantly improved Chevrolet SS which is virtually the G8…..evolved!!

      Thank you for that little Tidbit πŸ™‚

      Tell your son to hop on the band wagon and give me a follow!! We can chat cars and bikes and everything!

      Live to Drive!!

  4. Hey there,
    Thanks for following my blog. Looks like you’ve got a great one here, too. I’m not really into cars, but my dad and grandpa sure are! lol

    • I appreciate the follow and the comment! Thank you so much for that, refer your lovely relatives my way, they can follow via email and I am officially


      Thanks for the comment!

      Live to Drive

  5. Thanks for following my blog. One of the wonders of blogging is colliding with worlds so different from one’s own! Maybe I’m a typical female (?!) – I drive from A to B and all I want is a car that gets me there comfortably, economically, legally, in good time and reliably with as little impact on the environment as possible. Mmmm – maybe that’s a big ‘all’… πŸ™‚

    • The wonderful world of blogging connects people of all walks of life, it truly is wonderful. A to B is the most common priority for people, and that is where I truly believe I can assist most people in making the best choice. Car companies make the most money in the people mover segment, 4-door entry level and mid size sedans (your civics and accords classes of cars) and there is so so so many choices in these categories and that’s where I can surely help. Why not make the A-B purchase the right choice, then with the money you save and the extra smiles you have during every drive, you can spend it on what turns your crank…..maybe a cruise, Caribbean vacation, home improvements, etc etc (can you tell I need a warm weather escape from my snow filled climate?)

      Live to Drive….and collide worlds πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for the great comment and appreciation for my words! I love your content as well!

      The Holden as I commented prior, is a car company that has only recently hit the North American Shores via some DNA isnide the Chevrolet SS and previously the GT both of which I think are and were amazing 4-door sports Sedans!

      Here was my previous comment about Holden….since I loved them dearly:

      “Holden makes Amazing Cars!! Unfortunately North America has only seen 1 true solid car based on the Holden know as the Pontiac G8. This car was actually the only car I believe that GM got right with Pontiac got right! The G8 GT and the GXP were simply astonishing cars for the money and dollar for dollar kept up with the major German Brands. Was a 5 series, E-class or A-6 worth double or more the money as the G8??? Not even close, both powertrain and interior design and quality. It was the only true home run Pontiac hit! Unfortunately it was the only true home run they hit in the past 30 years. However….Just recently GM has released the new and significantly improved Chevrolet SS which is virtually the G8…..evolved!”

      Live to Drive….and definitely live to watch Top Gear!

    • My fellow Racer and gearhead thank you for the follow! Much appreciated! Us men will always have a passion to bind man and machine in such a passionate form.

      Live to drive!

  6. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my little blog! I know very little about cars – I have a Vespa and a Kawasaki – so I’ll hit you up if I ever need any info! Your passion is palpable and it is truly inspiring to witness someone actualising their purpose. And an impressive blog as well! Thanks again for your interest in my little place πŸ™‚

    • Cute little Vespa Drive! When visiting my relatives in Italy I came across several Vespa’s realizing that if I lived in this country I would be riding the same things. Of course it would be turbocharged, cold air intake, aftermarket exhaust and nicer wheels…..a Vespa on Steroids so to speak. Anything you need, any advice, maybe even a laugh or two please hit me up πŸ™‚

      Live to Drive…..But not a Vespa in North America.

  7. Thanks so much for your follow of my blog, Tide Line Still Life. Your life sounds joyfully busy, crammed with so many good things! Perhaps my simple photos can add a spot of respit to your hectic days. All my best for a wonderful new year ahead! -Maggie

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment ! Photography, simple or complex, is one of the best simple joys of life. A pictures means a thousand words.

      Live to drive….and photograph of course….car pics too!

  8. Hi there, thanks for following my blog!!!! I am new to wordpress and the follows are amazing. I look forward to checking out your pages more and learning more about cars πŸ™‚ Right now I live to drive my saturn …to work LOL

    • Thank you for following mine as well! I will be doing several posts in the coming months, yet now I am trying to build a very large following to enjoy my true and genuine car knowledge.

      Another Saturn driver haha!! There is a man I was speaking with here before who also drive Saturn and my comments were maybe something that would interest you…..actually some interesting Saturn info πŸ™‚

      Live to drive!

      • I will definitely look into the saturn comments and thanks! Currently I am having power steering issues, whats up with Electronic Power Steering anyways…weird πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for following mine as well! I had to follow with a profile pic like that, let’s just say I’m sort of a crazy cat lover.

      Live to drive!

  9. Thanks for following my blog!

    It’s always nice to feel appreciated when someone likes your words enough to want more. I used to be heavily into cars as well, but I don’t have the time nor the resources to continue that interest. I started playing with cars when Evo II or III was out, but now Evo X might be the last generation and it’s been 20 years. lols, I started racing before Initial D was out, but that series is still going.

    I don’t know what interests you in my blog, but thanks nonetheless.

    Keep up the nice work and Happy New Year.

    • I couldn’t agree more with your comment, any positive comments (even negative comments) have a weird way or fueling the passion flames within us all. I like your style, talking about the EVO models which are seriously the only saving grace for that company.

      You have some great content! It’s all about people doing what they love to do, or simply hearing what they have to say is pretty cool.

      Live to Drive….one of the ultimate rally cars for the street!

    • Passionate truly is a wonderful thing, best part about passion for something is when people discover it (which is usually right in front of them and the thing they grew up loving oddly enough!!!) and when people finally begin to embrace it. Keep blogging and your content is great!

      Live to drive!

  10. Thanks for following my blog, Brome Hill. A car enthusiast following the blog written by a guy who drives a 1988 Ford Bronco … that’s kind of funny. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you so much for following me!! Even my OJ Simpson fans (just google it if you don’t know what I mean hahaa!! no offense tho seriously) can appreciate the words and car enthusiasm I have to offer.

      Live to Drive!

    • I really hope so man, I truly do. At least the boys at motoring situation if in Toronto should at the very least interview me! Come on people!!

      Live to drive….take note motoring magazine or……those people who want to start top gear Canada….I do have a full stig costume just saying!!

  11. Hi there, thanks for following my blog Murder in Common.
    I can see you are as passionate about cars as I am about crime fiction.

    I have a dream car – 540K Cabriolet A Mercedes Benz. So should you happen across one of these beauties let me know and I’ll fly to where you are for a spin around the block.

    All the best and keep writing

    June Lorraine

  12. There was a moment early on in my life where I questioned whether my boyfriend loved his car more than me. (A Datsun 280Z) Still not sure, but I’m still around and that particular car isn’t. Thanks for following my blog Muse-ings.

    • ……..there is a slight chance his first true love may actually be the Datsun, which is a drifting/tuner/nostalgic nissan lovers bliss.

      Live to Drive….or car bomb the Datsun if he fantasizes about it more than you!

  13. Why hello, thanks for the follow…hope you find things to enjoy there…as for your blog, I completely admit I know nothing about cars but I do appreciate a guy who does so I’m willing to learn and looks as though this is the perfect place to do so πŸ˜‰ I’m of the persuasion that as long as it’s fast…I’m in….thanks again….Annabel

    • We can always learn from something from anyone and everyone especially folks like us who are passionate about what we share with others here and elsewhere in our lives! I do love your only condition tho, speed is king πŸ˜‰ You my friend need a fast car.

      Live to drive….fast

    • haha!!! Love the comment!!

      Tell you son’s to get on here and start reading and if they want to ask any questions or share the passion please don’t hesitate to ask!!

      Live to Drive!

      • Imagine how my mom felt after my car crash….maybe it’s a good thing for them to read what happened to me and the lessons I learned first hand! Actually I would love for them to see what happens when you think your invincible coming from a young man like myself who actually experienced it. Show them my “third romance and the one that got away literally” post.

        Live to drive…..safely πŸ™‚

      • will do! thanks! Glad you survived it πŸ™‚ we have a friend who had a really bad motorbike accident too so hopefully that’s put them off bikes!

    • Your very welcome, great content!

      Thank you for following me as well. You know where to come for anything auto related, ask any question anytime πŸ™‚

    • You couldn’t have said it any better, people need to realize that their hobbies or that inner desire for something they love needs to be listened to shared with others in a positive fashion.

      Live to Drive!!

  14. Hello – thank you for choosing to follow my blog. With so many options out there, I truly appreciate your reading mine. I admire your passion. What is life without it? Here’s to lives filled with passion and hope!

  15. Hey Tom, I totally understand what your saying, i’ve been the same ever since my uncle took me to WRC in the UK when I was about five! I was standing behind a tree in the rain waiting for the rally cars (Group B I think back then) spray us with gravel and dirt as they screamed by about three metres away! AWESOME! πŸ™‚

  16. You have a lot of info on sexy, fast cars. What are your thoughts on big, rough trucks for places like Alaska? I’m going to buying a new one soon and thought I might hit you up for some ideas.

    • Hello Hello πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the comment!

      I must be honest my area of expertise is not in the robust used truck market, especially for hard core off roading. I do live in a very snowy climate in northern Ontario so I can recommend based on vehicles that have done the trick for us up here.

      I think for the budget concious, a previous generation Toyota Tacoma with basic modifications would withstand anything thrown at it with ease. Built in Japan, easy to work on, relative low cost to acquire, and an overall bargain, I think this is a great bet.

      There is a reason why land rover has such a great reputation for off roading…..because they are fantastic. The only issue I would find is cost of ownership may be rather high although the benefit is luxury, power, soul and all around capability. A jeep would do the trick as well, solid wrangler, some modifications done to it, and voila a 4-season champion can also be created.

      Other suggestions, get any decent pick up truck or SUV with good ground clearance and change the most important thing for rough climates…..AKA the tires/suspension set up. Ultimately that’s what it’s all about, a good set of tires and suspension set up works wonders.

      Hope this helps!

  17. I can’t say I have your passion for cars, tho I really do love the older ones. They had such style and beauty. I think I have the same passion for a beautiful sailing ship. In my mind, there is nothing finer! I think we all should have passions in life. That is what drives us to excel.
    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you liked it.

  18. Hey there! Thanks for following my blog! I am definitely going to be checking your posts! Greetings from Munich, Germany home of BMW πŸ˜‰

  19. Nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog. It has nothing to do with cars but I write with passion as you drive with it. I love to write as you love to drive.

    I don’t drive a fancy car, Chevy Malibu, but love it just the same. Best wishes!

  20. Hi. Thanks for following the Sherbro Foundation blog. I should post pix of the roads we drive on in Sierra Leone. You would laugh – hard – to see the driving conditions there. I do appreciate now what we have back home. Nice blog you have!

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