9 comments on “Ultimate Acceleration Comparisons via M5board / Dragtimesinfo !!

  1. I have come to the sad conclusion that my “absolute best vehicle possible” days are now behind me, which means that my highly customized 1989 Mustang GT winds up being my favorite. I had it up to 157 mph on the straightaway between Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Florida back in 1993. Second favorite would be my 2007 Roush Racing Mustang and then my 1998 Pontiac Trans Am.

    • Love the comment and speaks to the passion that mustang people have for their cars! It’s not about the car and what it does, it’s about how the car makes you feel and this comment says it all. I hope I triggered some memories and gave you a smile about the past! I gotta say when I drove a 2012 Boss 302 last year I was so very impressed and realized how car Ford and their icon have come, they truly are a sports car bargain and this new model is going to be quite the gem!

      Live to drive!

      • My dream car, though, was always a Saleen Mustang, specifically the S7 Twin Turbo. 750 HP and a top speed of 248. However, it also had a nice price of $555,000, which was not in my price range at the time………..still isn’t………lol……..but if someone wanted to give me one, even a used one, well, I suspect I would not turn them down.

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