18 comments on “Your Welcome…..Part Deux

  1. It really is true: men love women (if hetero, obviously), cars, and sports. This woman could care less what she drives as long a it’s reliable, gets good gas mileage, and inexpensive. Having said that, I love the UK Top Gear program. It’s great fun seeing those three get off behind the wheel of a hot car (they’re spoken of as being girls, right?) and makes me appreciate the beauty of outrageously expensive but perfectly shaped cars. I’m sure it is fun as hell driving them. And their contests are fab–Botswana and Florida and the South being two of my favorites. Cheers!

    • Yes we do, we are very small primitive minded creatures who truly only use one side of our brains and our sole purpose is to reproduce haha!! Hey did I say anything false?? Last time I checked I think it’s rather true. Needless to say cars and women are a match made in heaven.

      I do however disagree with your claim about women caring solely on reliability and mileage….actually if you look through the comments I have several women who are adrenaline junkies on here! I think you have the inner love for a bit of “danger” inside you as well if you love top gear….and yes those top gear specials are so so so awesome!! Watch them people, just for the comedy because they are hilarious. Great comment and thank you for the follow!!

      Live to drive…your favourite girls (cars of course)

      • Oh, I was speaking of myself only, not all women. Oops for the misunderstanding. My dad, much to my mom’s dismay, bought a red Sprite convertible when she was expecting my older sister. I wince now thinking how it deteriorated under the carport over the years. Don’t understand why he didn’t try to sell it when it was still in great shape. Remind me who made the Sprite?

  2. Austin made the Sprite, MG made a car using the same body called the Midget. BMC did that a bit, having high and low prices for the same body, the difference would be in the trim levels and engine choice.

    • Ah when I was single I loved the Sprite and almost (!) bought one and then there were Morgans… but in truth I couldn’t manage the steering and brakes so went for the Heralds and a cushion to sit on. Now I just like cars that are comfortable to drive and reliable yes… and heated seats are amazing. There is a difference in the age you are and where you live as can you imagine wearing a bikini and riving round London? Think of the crashes…and how cold you would be too….
      PS thanks for deciding to follow my blog:)

      • Ahhhhhh yes yes the Morgan…..My North American followers and those who do not watch top gear religiously (yes that is me) do not know that the Morgan automotive group actually makes cars out of…..wood….more specially the body shell. Obviously the chasis is made of steel and aluminum however true to classic Morgan standards the body is actually Ash wood! Go figure a wooden car in today’s day and age. Do some homework and research the Morgan auto group! It’s really cool stuff!

        Live to drive….unfortunately all I could re iterate in my mind was bikini and driving in London…..hmmmmm strange lol

      • tcomegna-Ash frame with an aluminum outer skin, right? My husband says the Heralds are like the Vitesse. UK- We honeymooned in the UK in July years ago and it certainly was “bikini” warm enough in London when we were there. Now though, it’s all one pieces and comfy seats:)

  3. Mmmmmm. I personally prefer to be behind the wheel of a big engine car, blowing past Rice Burners on the highway, or seated next to my husband as he does same. We have an AH 3000 MK 3 Phase II BJ8 in the garage, and an MGBGT, which is often used as a storage shelf, LOL.

    • I love that haha!! Classic comment, I gotta say an “improper” rice burner makes me sick, oversized rims covering the smallest brakes (sometimes drums), lowered suspension, bodykits, lambo doors (classic and so stupid), crazy sound systems……oh God I feel like vomiting. But then again if the person used one of the most high tech engines ever produced (AKA B or H or C class motors of honda) and properly tunes them, the specific output makes big muscle cars, seem…..well handicap. Muscle will still trump these cars for the most part, but then again a proper rice burner. is actually a work of art !

      Live to drive….and kill all lame rice burners…..oh and use MG’s as storage shelves!

      • My 07 Busa is a work of art. Extend rear and chrome wheels, otherwise basic. I love to ride it not only because it’s fast but also handles well. I also am restoring a 71 Honda CB360T with 900 miles into a cafe racer. But hey, I also love the fun cars you mentioned and the fast ones. Yearly I go up to famous road course here in Wisconsin, Road America, and get to drive all the new fun stuff the manufacturers come out with. What fun:)

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