38 comments on “My First Automotive Video Review

    • I would truly love to test one out! They are quite the capable machine, more like a 2 tonne boat on wheels that drives better on a race circuit than most track day toys and at the same time be a soccer mom vehicle and grocery getter. Here is a review from the guys at fifth gear for a 2010 (still a second GEN) cayenne turbo, which I truly believe is only a tiniest bit less involving and exciting than the turbo S would be.

    • Mazda 626 great car back in it’s time! They always had a sense of style and were always a fun car to drive! The next few years Mazda has a great product line to finally compete with fellow Japanese and Domestic brands once again!

  1. Good vid. I will sub to your YT channel within the next 24 hours. Yes, I am a photographer but I was a former teacher so I do math vids on YT–lol. Thnx for subscribing to my blog here! Oh, and I am also a car enthusiast. In fact I help people buy cars for a fee. I do all the negotiating. Just saved someone $5700 off the sticker of a 2014 A4 yesterday.

    • I don’t think I have actually, I will see if they have one of youtube I can check out. I am unsure whether or not they actually have reviewed it on top gear……hmmmmm…I don’t know something!! Oh geeeez

    • Hey man! Thanks for the follow!

      I read the rap and it’s pretty good! It’s a bit out of my realm however I think they are words well spoken. Keep up the passion!

      Live to drive….and maybe listen to some rap in the cabin.

    • Thanks for the comment! Actually that car is a great car and not even too powerful when it comes to the overall performance that virtually all modern day cars possess. Come this May/June I will be doing an amazing Video review of my 911 GT3……let’s just say it’s not factory, it’s a 996 variant and if I need to translate that means it’s a widowmaker of a car πŸ™‚

      Live to drive!

  2. There’s more to performance cars than just numbers. The last time I found torque steer fun was back in the early 80s driving a Renault 30TX. After a while it became tiresome. I’m no VW fan, but the Golf mentioned in your post is the more complete car, if I were to have a Mazda make mine an early RX3 or RX4 – they offered something the europeans lacked – visual flair, and a wankel engine.

    • Thank you so much for following me as well! Definitely spread the word and I would love to have your BF check this out! Once I gain a hugh following I have several posts planned πŸ™‚

      live to drive!

    • Biggest RX-8 complaint always has and always will be it’s straight line performance but nobody could ever doubt it’s capabilities on a track. Truly something special.

      • I drove the Speed 3 the other day after only driving the RX8 for a couple of weeks. The first thing I noticed is the RX8 has a little more stretch room for my long legs, but the biggest difference, besides the speed, is that the RX8 is really solid and more responsive than the Speed 3. I truly love driving the RX8.

  3. Hi Tom, good to meet you, and I sure as heck don’t know how you found my blog, but thanks a bunch for visiting! I currently own a 96 Chev Impala and don’t ever want to let it go. But I fear it may be time to put it under wraps just to save. Then again, drive ‘er into the ground till it dies altogether, right? I really want another VW bug convertible – seriously – if you can stop snickering, what’s your take on these?

    • haha!!! That’s a great comment πŸ™‚

      I think you should drive the car a little while longer but if it’s costing you over 1000-1500$ year to maintain I think it may be time to seriously consider your desire for a bug πŸ™‚ Although I may not be a fan of the “quirky” car segment, the bug, mini cooper, kia soul, honda fit, etc quirky cars definitely have something about them that draws a crowd !!

      I’d say go for it and if you want me to help find a few in your area at the best price and look at certain things to look for when buying a big, I would love to help!

      Live to drive

    • Thank you for following mine as well πŸ™‚

      I thought 2016 would be the year I make my move but I like your style ! I think I may have to just do that….hmmmmmm

      Live to drive and chase your dreams!!

    • Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait until the spring when I will be doing a review on my 996 GT3 which I really look forward to doing! Short and sweet and in the day light……and very loud noises coming from the heavily tuned motor…..or more like a symphonic orchestra for gear heads πŸ™‚

      Top Gear Canada…..come on now people….or at least motoring TV….come on give me an interview guys!!

  4. Hi Tom, grats with your first video review. It still needs more quality, but you’ll get there! I’ll keep my eye on you, bcoz, I want to do some reviews myself ) Thx for following my blog, even if I write in russian )

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