19 comments on “Best “Point A -B” for under 10000$

  1. Agree to the fact that warranty is overrated. People go by ‘word of mouth’, but I don’t see the point when better deal to some is the brand, to some it’s the miles, to some it’s the price and so on and this diversification makes the ‘word of mouth’ unreliable. People ought to see for what purpose they eventually are going to use it. Looking forward to what follows this article

    • thank you for following me and the comment made. It’s vital for people to simply humour themselves and drive different vehicles or shop around before jumping to the “lowest milege, newest car, best warranty/fuel economy bullshit gimmics” that ultimately don’t really matter. Funny thing is I would pay to see the reaction on peoples faces when they see “as tested” fuel economy of most makes and models and realize most never attain the claims.

      People need to first off ask themselves what they need the vehicle for, how much they can spend, and then do your homework. Worth of mouth, advertising gimics, brand loyalty, all that stuff should be ignored. Again if people give a shit about their money and hard earned dollars, they should rightfully spend it in the appropriate manner since a car purchase is by far the most expensive item they own other than theirs homes usually.

      Live to Drive…..the smart choice.

  2. I love your honesty and bluntness here. I wish more writers were like that. For me, I drive a lot. So my next car will be based on what I like and want and NOT by money or fuel economy.

    • Thank you very much for the compliment and enjoying my style of writing. The purpose is to genuinely help people from someone who simply loves this business, who is not a salesman in any way, just someone who loves and knows cars.

      The great thing is you can get what you want, like and at the same time save some money which in turn leaves fuel economy savings redundant.

      Live to Drive….and be blunt once in a while.

    • Thank you so much for that I really appreciate it and that was my intent all along! To actually help people get the best bang for their buck period!

      Live to Drive…..and buy for value πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for that comment, everyone can learn something everyday from another. That’s the beauty of life in general and blogs are a wonderful for passionate people to share what they love with one another.

      If you ever have any questions at all and need advice I would love to help!

      Live to Drive….and strive to learn every single day.

  3. Awesome post! Keep up the Awesome work!
    I also have friends and family who say honda’s are really good. πŸ™‚ Though they don’t get as good Mileage as I’d like for a vehicle, so I did some looking. What do you think of the 2007 Toyota Matrix?? I found a few on Kelly Blue Book and they look and sound like good vehicles, and I know Toyota’s are great vehicles too.

  4. I know nothing about cars to even understand half the things you’re talking about, but i can say that i have gone and bought both my cars in my life so far. the rules i stick to are the following:

    -stick to toyota and VW as they are most easy to maintain in terms of parts and services
    -buy a used car, as the value of a new car drops by 30% the second you drive it off the car lot.
    -Buy a car with maximum 30 000 km or no older than 2 years
    -try to buy a car that used to be a show model or a rental car, that way you’re sure they have been well taken care of and have not missed any services
    -when putting down a deposit on a car as what the difference will be between premium with a lower or higher deposit, i.e. on my first car i paid 8k and premiums were R1500 a month. My parents offered to give me an additional 5k, but premiums would only have gone down by R100, so spending an extra 5k did not make it worth it and i only gave the 8.
    -When buying a car on terms, make sure you have a fixed interest rate. If you buy on a flexi rate and the interest at the bank goes down, your premiums will go down as well, but remember that the same goes for when the interest goes up.
    -make sure they give you your car with a full tank. lol they can do that if you ask nicely.
    -know what you’re paying for and shop around. compare prices and compare what you get.

    i might not know about cars, but i do know how to buy one. lol does buying two cars count? Note, i had my first car for 5 years with only the regular problems like tire tread, a dead battery. my second car i’ve just passed the 5 yr mark. not planning on getting a new car unless i have to as mine has nothing wrong with it. she’s well taken care of and she takes care of me

    • Great Comment!! I love this so much, this is what it’s all about people sharing their car tips with as many readers as possible in order to get the most value out of everyone’s dollar!

      I think these are amazing tips! I do passionately and with all my heart and soul disagree with point number 3 and a little bit with point number 1. To me point number 3 is absolutely heretic to my car religion haha!! For the simple fact that it’s just not true….says my FX45 with 120000 miles, 3 years of rough driving and only 500$ repairs (included battery, wiper blades and birds nest in my heat exchange filter). My Honda prelude, 1994, over 100000 KM, driven very hard, 450$ repairs in 3 years which was only a shifter cable, brake lines and O2 sensor. Therefore the point is buy the right car and ignore mileage. Would you rather a handmade solid oak sofa or a Leons brand? Would you rather live in a 500 year old stone home in europe or a mass produced pre-fab home made of 2×4 and vinyl siding? Just saying don’t buy garbage and you won’t have to recycle your trash.

      Live to drive!! All the other pointers are amazing!

      • the reason point 3 works for me is because i make these decisions alone. and because i know nothing about cars, the newer the car, the less problems it is likely to have. sure some older cars are great, but i wont know that now would i? lol. also on average most cars are drive 15 000 km per year, so for a car with less than 30 000km on and is younger than 2 years, i almost feel like ive gotten a new car.

        Point 1, that is the consensus in this country (South Africa), it’s what most people drive around here. We tend to stay clear of imports as it means you kinda have to import parts as well if the shop doesn’t have it. so a Toyota and VW are easy to maintain, parts are easy to get and it’s what most people drive around here. in fact there are shops that sell secondhand parts as well. i.e. a car that’s a write off because the body is damaged too much in an accident, but the engine is perfectly fine. so these parts get sold as well.

        but like most things in life. to each their own right?

      • I love your pointers and I think this is exactly what my viewers need to read!

        My main philosophy is about the “soul” a car possesses, therefore as you already know I am man who truly believes in “to each their own” philosophy because ultimately you gotta get what makes you happy…..but then again people usually just drive 2 cars and choose…..silly silly silly people.

        Live to drive!! Spread the word and share with everyone who wants to learn motorsports! Your comment is an amazing addition to my site!

  5. I don’t bother with warranties myself. I don’t even bother with new cars. I have messed around with a lot of used. To get a good used car at minimum price, be prepared to spend at least $1500. If you buy for less, then you’ll probably spend at least $1500 (this amount includes the price of the car) in total after you got the poor car fixed. The best and easiest car to work on was the 89 buick century with the iron duke engine. When you fixed it, it stayed fixed, it was also built to last (i favor this type of maintenance and build quality). I also don’t buy anything that is a four lug rim car.

    Most new cars with 4 lug rims are the $10000 cars with warranties. Just super cheap sub compacts that you can leave a dent in the sheet metal with your index finger (how do you think that’s going to handle in a wreck, feeling like financing $10000 now?). It is why i stay away from kia rio, ford escort, etc. How i ended up with a satun sl1 is weird (completely anti-don’t-invest-in-4-lug-rim-cars). It’s build quality was just superior to other 4 lug rim cars, it held up over the years, it still performs great, so i bought it without warranty (probably the only 4 lug rim vehicle that i will ever own that will last a long time). It’s also something i can maintain myself (i don’t have to upgrade spark plugs for the hell of it, i really just need to give it an oil change).

    It is entirely possible to buy decent used cars. I can’t financially recommend anyone to buy anything new with all of these used gems around. But, many people are stuck thinking that if they want a car that won’t break, then buy new. All cars require maintenance though. People like to ignore this. People also like to follow the myth that you have to change your oil every 3000 miles (change it every 3000 if you used crap oil and crap filter). And even sticking with oem recommendations is the only way to go (it’s not, only stick with oem and stock if you really aren’t sure).

    If people want to be screwed out of their money after they don’t believe you. Then let them, you couldn’t change their mind. It just sucks that the automotive industry and companies are just out there to fleece your money for a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

    • Great piece of info and appreciate your comment! You speak the truth, entry level sub compacts to me are a waste of money completely especially if not shopped properly. The only subcompacts I would consider are the Honda Fit and previous GEN Mazda 3/Civics to be quite honest. Yes the other Jap brands are also very good, as is the Jetta. Basically buy the car that speaks to you the most and that makes you feel the best day in and day out.

      For the love of God don’t change your oil every 3000 miles, even my 911 GT3 says to change the oil on 15000 intervals of travel and it redlines at 8200 rpm.

      Live to Drive!

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