10 comments on “Your Welcome :)

  1. Wowww that looks so exciting!

    I lived in downtown Toronto so everything I needed was walkable and I didn’t require having a car at all, but I got my G1 license this March and I planned I take “Defensive Driving” class in a race track.

    Wow. I can’t wait to start driving in a race track like that.

    I’m such an adrenaline junkie person, if I have the time, I would make a list of crazy things to do like car racing, bungee jumping, sky diving and mountain climbing.

    Thanks for the peep on the inside. The lady looks mortified, I feel bad for her half the time. The other half wishes that was me.


    • I’m happy to see you enjoy my rather funny post of those poor girls….they had no idea what they were getting themselves into I bet.

      Downtown TO, love visiting there since it’s only an hour flight away. A nice metropolitan city, full of wonderful cars for me to gawk at….especially sitting at any Yorkville cafe/restaurant.

      Very smart move to take the defensive driving course, not only does it make people safer drivers, it can be a source or excitement for the adrenaline junkies such as ourselves. So I am assuming next time I travel to TO I should call you so we can do the CN tower skywalk and then hit up MS racetrack with my GT3 (then you can be in the passenger seat as requested lol) I will say it’s a thrilling experience….more like scary if I’m honest 😉

      • Please do call on me when you visit.

        Your blog doesn’t say which part of the world you reside in, but yes please, I would LOVE to go through the CN Tower walk and be that passenger coz even the Behemoth ride in Canada’s Wonderland doesn’t take my heart out of my chest and Im totally craving for that feeling. *whisper* I think it’s coz I’m an entrepreneur and activities like that is exciting. Normal stuff doesn’t move me as much and don’t care much for it.

        It’ll definitely thrilling. Let me know when you pass by!

      • Does this mean you are my first official Blog Girlfriend?!?! Are the gear head gods (Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche) Giving me a sign from up above ?!?! Say it is so….. 🙂

        I reside in a lovely part of the world called Sault Ste Marie, a quick jaunt away from the porter island airport.

        Behemoth…Leviathan…..with Fastpass on the wrist and going in the front row a million times I was hoping it would be more thrilling however it simply was not. At least with the car, the wonderful noises it creates behind you is a symphony to my ears. A loud one, but beautiful in it’s own way.

        CN tower skywalk would be quite the experience…..let’s do it….my blogger, long distance GF. Permission to call you GF?? What kind of business? If you say restaurant then this is just craziness haha!! (google+ profile and you will understand lol)

        (I apologize to my viewers who are watching this romance take place. But who are we kidding, watching those romantic chick flick movies are just so touching, makes everyone wish they were part of the blogging romance no?!?)

      • Ahhhh! My notification interrupted my response again! LOL

        I was just saying “permission granted”. I think having like-minded crazy conversations and adventures on thrilling activities are great pressure-relief from our work.

        I’m a project planner. I have a sick desire of creating something from scratch and putting it together for fun. I’m more interested in the starting up portion and then handing it offshore to get managed. I got some serious dose of ADD and I get bored easily, so anything that interests me, I would create and put in the market. Lol

        BUT the funny thing is…. I was just thinking and talking to my chef best friend about delivering meals-on-the-go for business people who has time to work out but no time to cook and yet can pay for customized meal plan that is delicious and increases your metabolism (and personal trainer approved+nutritionalist approved)

        He said it sounds crazy, but I think it’s fun. What do you think?

      • relief haha!! 🙂 Are you calling me crazy?!!? Finally someone who understands me a little better than most.

        Project planner eh?? I would love to hear about the most recent cool project that you have planned or are currently working on?? I think you healthy meals on the go is a very cool idea! If I told you I own and operate a restaurant and a food truck would you be excited lol ?? Let’s just say it’s a very tough business, however when run properly it can be very very rewarding to say the least. But there lies the issue, being run properly and consistently.

        Oh and I just Facebook friend requested 🙂

      • (Oh Screw it here I go…..wish me luck all the people in the audience watching this unfold!!)

        How do I call you if I don’t have your number yet??

        Facebook potentially??

        Ya know we should be friends before anything else, correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

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