45 comments on ““My car is faster than yours” ….. and what’s your point?

  1. Great to see you swinging by dragonshades. I’ve always loved cars from the time my brother and I collected car numbers and deciphered their age and place of origin ( it was before the Internet) right up to now. I drove a Land Rover Defender for 10 years and it was definitely the car of choice when I was transporting loads such as 7 Scottish Deerhounds, loads of bricks and cement, a large assortment of plants and of course an enthusiastic family – but not all at the same time. It was cold in winter and warm in summer, reduced conversations to monosyllabic grunts as you could neither hear questions asked or be heard. It was perfect. When I finally parted with it I stood back and for the first time realised that I had been driving around in a Garden Shed. Was it fast? Of course not but when I was sitting at the traffic lights I was always the first to pull away in front of all the smarter speedier cars for the simple reason that none of them wanted to risk having their paintwork dented – no-one messes with a lady Land Rover driver!

    • Love the story man, that’s really cool! Sounds a bit like my upbringing until I discovered caranddriver magazine (and now 5 other subscriptions as well) when the information was like a steady stream every single month.

      I wish to this day land rover made vehicles like they did in the past. They were virtually indestructable, yet today I am hardpressed to recommend one due to the modern ones constantly having silly electrcial issues among other things. I love the old defender tho, that thing would seriously go through anything regardless of conditions. Isn’t it true tho about speed? Don’t get me wrong I am all about speed, and to me it’s still top 3 important factors in my purchase, but soul is number one and driving feel second. Great story !!

      Keep on blogging and thanks again for following me!! Never hesitate to ask any questions.

    • Totally agree man, the C63 among a few other AMG models (E63, SL63, etc) still use their world reknown handbuilt 6.2 with the builders signature on every motor. I am going to say with confidence that motor is the last of the best genuine muscle car motors in the world. Drive one and you will be amazed. Now the SLS AMG Black uses a high revving version of this motor which is just bonkers.

      Live to drive people

  2. OHHHHH MMMYYYYY!! I DO remember back in 1984 when I found this pretty “little’ Chevrolet 1970 K5 Blazer, with the removable TOP. It had TIRES that rose to my waist actuated via DANA “Lockers” at the bow and 411 ratioed gearing aft. Thrush throated SIDE-PIPES peeked from ‘under-the-bum’ filled by an LT-1 3.5 cu.” “TWEEK-A-THON”. It was “HOW” I made POSCHES and JAGS nervous. ( I could roll 30mph in “Granny-Gear.) I used it to pull BUSSES from the MUD at an Outdoor MUSIC venue in Ohio. REALLY… that’s just what I told my Mother!
    Thank YOU for stopping through, and, reminding ME why I got my Driver’sLicense.


    • Just listening to the memories I brought back literally makes my day! Really funny comment!! but insulting since you spelt Po”r”sche wrong haha!! That’s ok I forgive you πŸ™‚

      Anything you keep let me know and keep on blogging !

  3. One time or another, I’ve driven marques from Ford to Lotus. If you have to drive a lot, might as well enjoy it so far as possible…but that’s more restricted every year, seems to me. New York City is considering an arbitrary off-freeway speed limit of 20 mph, per reports. And we’ve all heard computers will soon do the driving anyway. (Hmmm…Soon?) So absolutely, those who must drive should enjoy as they can.

  4. I know very little about cars but I was tickled by this article. Your observations about intangibles counting far more than speed could easily be applied to relationships .. ideal partners… and true love! πŸ˜€ Thanks for following my blog. Cheers!

    • Well thank you very much, to tickle a non car lover is actually the best part of it all! You have some great content hence my follow!

      Keep on blogging and live to drive…..actually live to love…..wait a minute…. (brain is calculating and working)……….
      ahhhh yes!

      Love to drive! That may be my new slogan πŸ™‚

  5. Merci for visiting and following my blog and wishing you all the best for yours. Living in the city of Nice, one doesn’t have much use for a car on a daily basis and finding parking is a nightmare!

    • I was recently in Montreal, Quebec (please ignore the hatred among France and Canadian French) but I loved it so much that I simply had to follow a blog with that name πŸ™‚

      I wish I was in your area since some of the most beautiful roads in the world area nearby….hmmmmm….maybe I should travel there soon!

      Live to drive! And then Park your baby safely πŸ™‚

  6. I’m no car enthusiast beyond it ferrying me from place to place but mind you, it has to be in great shape and no clunker. All the same, I enjoy reading how a true aficionado feels: that a car is not just a transportation means!

    Thanks for following my blog.

    • Thank you for the comment!! A car ultimately is a means of transportation absolutely, but it can also be a source of great comfort and produce a few smiles every single day πŸ™‚ May be it’s looks, it’s sound system if your a music lover, its curves, its performance, it’s road presence, or simply how it starts every single day and gets you to and from site to site as reliable as possible! Ultimately it’s many peoples second homes, so why not make sure it’s the best value you can acquire at any price point??

      Thank you for the follow as well πŸ™‚

      Live to drive!

    • Almost a fetish?!?!

      Oh God no, it’s wayyyyy past that stage. Fortunately I do not dream of sexual things with cars as some people do haha!! Awkward humans in this world.

      Thanks for the follow!!

      Live to drive! and live to have awkward Fetish’s

  7. I really don’t know much about cars, but hope to get a nice one sometime. I often think what’s important is the beauty of a car, but it seems there ought to be more in it.
    Thanks 4 ur visit, and the follow.

    • A car is sometimes a representation of the passionate people who had a vision and then made it reality. From the beauty to the overall driving aspect of the vehicle, it’s an amazing process that so many brilliant minds strive to create tirelessly.

      You will get your car of choice, remember that what you may think is unattainable, may not be true entirely.

      Live to drive…and appreciate the beauty of man’s finest creations.

    • Enjoyed this post a lot, and having driven an F-450 in Italy I can agree. I own a 2010 JCW Mini Clubman that can out perform many of the bigger cars and I love the fact that it seems rather harmless to the unknowing.

      • Ahhhh yes yes the 458 Italia, a lovely car, so powerful and exciting and represents the Italian Supercar makers soul to perfection. I gotta say tho the car is definitely a lot uglier than the previous generation F430 (I can’t wait for the day I get my black F430, black wheels, 6 speed gated manual shifter)

        Great ride man, it’s not about the tool, it’s how you wield it. If someones concern is lap times and being faster than another person on the track I suggest getting driver training rather than a more capable car. It’s money much better spent πŸ™‚

        Live to Drive….Hopefully a 458

    • Cars are my cocaine so to speak, like any passion they ignite something within that cannot be tamed nor do you want it to be tamed. I am not a car salesman yet….but I have a feeling I would be able to do quite a good job “genuinely” helping people get the most for their money!!

      Cheers Rich! Live to Drive….and be fanatical…..without the bombs strapped on the chest

  8. Your passion and insight into car is truly inspiring. I love what you are doing with this blog. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come out with next!

    • Hey man!! That’s really cool, I truly appreciate that comment. Hearing things like this really makes me want to continue sharing as much info as possible with everyone and genuinely help people out plain and simple and of course have some fun!! I will definitely be doing a bunch of posts in the near future once the xmas season slows down. Really really appreciate this seriously.

      Live to Drive…..And inspire of course!

  9. I don’t consider myself a car fanatic, by any stretch. I can’t tell most cars apart from one another. But I am IN LOVE with my car — a 2001 Miata that I bought new, which now has 148,000 miles on her.

    I fell in love with Miatas from the first television ad, and I think it has everything to do with the fact that, to me, they looked like the old Disneyland Autopia cars. It was the first car I ever really wanted. When I finally bought one, I remember sitting and waiting for the finance guy. I was a little nervous about taking on a new car payment. But I looked over and saw my Daisy Mabel (named after Cousin Eddie’s littlest in “Vacation”) smiling at me, and she was just the cutest little thing ever and I knew she was meant for me.

    (On a side note, they changed the “face” of the Miata around 2006 or so, and to me, they’ve never been anywhere near as cute. They don’t smile anymore!)

    In 2012, I almost lost Daisy in a bad hail storm. Insurance wanted to total her, and I cried. Luckily, my wonderful husband fought for me, and we were able to get her looking brand-new again.

    I dread the day when I will have to part with her. That car is so reflective of my personality that I can’t imagine driving anything else. Then again, I can’t understand why anyone wants to drive anything else!

    • Lawri and her Miata, seems like a match made in heaven to say the least. I gotta admit, the Miata is a true Drivers car, this isn’t just my opinion, but the opinion of virtually every single automotive journalist known to man. The Miata’s formula is simple, small, lightweight, peppy motor, excellent weight distribution/dynamics, and a very easy car to learn how to drive fast and arguably the best car to learn how to drive on a track. Needless to say the car is very sought after from all angles, from those like me looking for a great roadster for spirited driving, to individuals looking for an affordable, drop top easy to drive sports car with a cute smile πŸ™‚

      Poor little Daisy, my dogs name too haha!! I kinda like that name for a car !! Happy that things worked out and she’s back on the road for thousands more miles, and don’t even think about her not being around because I have a strong feeling you will never have to part ways with little miss Daisy Dukes.

      The only reason why someone would want to drive something else, again this may be hypocritical to my post “My car is faster than your” is that it’s wayyyyyyyy too slow. I am willing to bet Usain Bolt Can reach 0-40 KPH faster than it…..sure he’s fast….but he’s a human lol

      Live to Drive…..Miss Daisy and all your pet cars!

  10. My car has to do something different for me. I live at the end of a mile-long dirt road with two steep sections. I need clearance and traction – for a mile. Then I need something for long drives on country roads. Then there’s the periodic drive to a city on the interstate. I’ve got a GM Equinox now, which (once some &%$#! computer problems were solved) is pretty good. Also, like most people way-out-here, a 4×4 pick-up. People love pick-ups. And there’s a special few (in town) with a passion for low riders. Talk about the opposite of fast!

    • Proper SUV’s, Pick ups, ATV and other off road vehicles are also a passion of mine. Even though I would never own a pick-up I live in the Canadian city that may have the most pick-up trucks on the road than any other city. My brother just purchased a Ram Sport, fully optioned and I must say I thoroughly respect how capable these vehicles truly are and how convenient they are when it comes to being a workhorse. Especially when there are snow banks 5 feet high in December it’s kind of important to have a vehicle that can penetrate all terrain with safety and ease. Do a search called “Ford Velociraptor” that should explain that trucks can also be extremely fast, and fast SUV’s??? Hahaha!! Today’s fast SUV’s make pure sports cars of the 90’s and early 2000’s seem obsolete.

      Live to drive!!

  11. Give me a stick shift anytime over an automatic. But they are getting harder to find, at least in my price range. Glad to see you are following your passion, a good thing to do. And thank you so much for following my blog.

    • Absolutely agree my friend. It’s all about the connection between man and machine when it comes to driving soul and pleasure.

      What’s your price range? are you currently looking looking to buy? Do you need any advice on anything or some research?? Let me know I am all ears πŸ™‚

      Live to drive!

  12. We have a 1960 Morris Minor as our “pet” car. It has been modified and has a Datsun engine and so zips along quite nicely. My husband stuck a straw hat on the back shelf as a joke and we get quite a few vehicles anxious to overtake us on first sight. Morrie has a unique rumble when he fires up and every drive feels like an adventure.

    • Pet car haha!!! That’s classic, a much better way of saying a toy car. I love the Datsun motor swap, in a small car that would be so much fun!

      You truly understand what it means to have a car with “soul” as it has nothing to do with modern technology and everything to do with how the car makes you feel. The rumble of the motor, the agility, the unique looks and charisma, the adventurous feeling……you know exactly what it means to live to drive. So so cool, love the comment so much!

      Live to drive!

    • Thank you for the follow and thank you for the great link, I really enjoyed that read. It’s all about having passion every single day and sharing it with others.

      Live to Drive!

  13. I am a regular driver of a regular car; had headed a project preparing training manuals for 4 different Nissan car models, had envied my college classmate her range rover, and I dream of driving a midnight blue-colored, recent-model jaguar (with the 3-D actual jaguar figure on hood). That takes me nowhere near your obvious knowledge of cars. But what I can totally understand is when you say it has β€œall to do with how it makes you feel.” That kind of passion is contagious and moves across interests. It is also the essence of visualization so thanks to you, I can already feel the wind in my hair and the silent purr of a blue Jaguar. Don’t let anyone dampen your passion. Appreciate your stopping by my blog

    • It’s all about how it makes you feel and it’s all about people realizing what they can get for any dollar value they have to work with period. Oddly enough cars like modern day jags depreciate almost 50% within 2 years, one of the worst in the industry, therefore attaining a 120000 MSRP Jag for 35000-40000 in a few years time seems like a bargain…..and they actually are. It’s all about passion, it’s all about soul, it’s all about how the car makes you feel.

      Live to drive!

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