4 comments on “Best SUV for 35000$

  1. Hi tcomenga and thanks for also following me, this post of you caught my attention for three reasons, first, I had this dilemma a year ago, second I totally agree with you about the MDX and three because I also believe you missed to include the VW Touareg, basically a Cayenne with better looks and cheaper everywhere, might be appealing to some as it was at first for me.

    Anyway, I went and bought an MDX back in January, it is a 2007 and it had 45,000 kilometers! Price was about $270K MXP so it would be around $22K CAN? It was a bargain and a great SUV, I love it, my wife loves it and most of my friends are even jealous about it, it is a great product and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an SUV within that price range.

    • Hey DM auto! Thanks so much for following me and also appreciating what I have to offer and my opinion. you also clearly know your stuff.

      I do love the Touaraeg, but I think you would agree with me that the MDX is a significantly better vehicle and also the way better buy. Also the VW forums are just plagued with horrible reliability stories of used Touareg’s, take a look at what I mean and you will see just how bad of a used buy that vehicle is. Basically I want people to get the best value. If they were reliable vehicles it would be a no brainer choice, unfortunately they are well below average (similar to base cayennes and Q7 models)

      MDX is the superior and to me, obvious choice. Great buy!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and following my travel blog. You may have noticed that we do most of our travel in overland trucks—old Scanias and Mercedes. But my real transport is a Subaru Forester. Last time I was in the USA, I saw very few Foresters. Very popular here, and good value for money.

    • Subaru Forester is actually fantastic value for money! It’s actually an award winning SUV for many reasons, most importantly as you said it perfectly value for money. All year, all weather, reliably capable at a very strong price. Great used car buys as well!! As a matter of fact I may have to put that into one of my posts!

      Live to drive!

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