8 comments on “Best cars for under 10000$$

  1. I have a Mitsubishi partial new engine. Shift gear…93′ is faster than original want to sell but it’s been in garage and needs all fluids changed from sitting. Where I find buyers for this car?


    • Hello Hello šŸ™‚

      Thank you for the follow I appreciate it!

      I would definitely be putting up for sale ads in Mitsubishi forums. Here are two I would look at:


      The second one is for a specific model (the Lancer and their variants) however they would know more where to sell.

      I would also use local ad tools such a kijiji or ebay. Take really good pics and list it at a very competitive price and it should eventually sell. Autotrader.com is also arguably the best place to sell still to this day.

      Live to drive…and to upgrade your ride šŸ™‚

  2. A couple of interesting choices… The Subi’s and the Audi are understeering piglets…The only thing they’ve got going for them are the AWD. Other than that, they just aren’t fun to drive.

    The Mustang is, well, a Mustang from the late 90’s. Build quality is nothing to write home about. Live axle? Please… That’s so 1960’s,…lol

    Anyway, I think you overlooked what should have been an obvious choice. The 1995-1999 BMW E36 M3. Great examples can be found for under $10,000. And there is nothing for the money that will do so much. The engines are practically bullet proof. With just the odd electrical gremlin that ALL old cars get.

    • Love the input and the suggestion for an early model M3 which is actually a great choice and I completely agree with you so definitely that should be on the list. In regards to the “understeering piglets’ gotta remember this isn’t “best weekend track toy in summer weather only sports car for under 10000$”. I believe I say something about year round capability (aka I live in Northern Ontario and when there is 5 foot high snow banks I would love to film some idiot driving their E36 or in the snow….as well as a mustang haha!!) therefore some of the cars are true year round sports cars for the masses…..not for the hardcore enthusiast like ourselves correct me if I am missing the point.

      The mustang is more a suggestion that these cars depreciate like crazy and that the 2005-2006 models are actually in arms length reach away and 315 HP throaty, straight line/nostalgic performance V8 power seems to be a good choice for many viewers for under 10000$ live axle or not. Porsche 911 still have their engine behind the read wheels?!!!??!?! Are you kidding me?!?! The weight distribution is terrible and that car is garbage!! Yet magically people seem to view old school 911’s (anything pre 996) and their “flaw” as a desirable trait that seems to make these cars worth more and more every passing year! 993 or 964 values?? lol Bring on the dangerous rear end, old school garbage instability any day, that what sold is all about.

      To all my readers, again and again and again and again and again and again (times a million) this is not best track car, this is best sports car suggestions at a certain price point. Live Axle is garbage, but who cars when it comes to everyday usable sports cars. It’s all about soul, and I believe, to all the millions of mustang lovers out there (I can’t believe I am defending this car cause I would never buy one or own one however I still respect it!) this car has pedigree, soul, heritage and makes people feel good when they get behind the wheel of one of these. Therefore, it truly is one of the best sports cars for under 10000$ or course the newer the better and only “GT” or “V8” models for the love of God.

      • Good response.

        As a current owner of a 2001.5 Audi S4, I have to say it’s a very pleasant car to drive. But I’ll admit that there is a touch of understeer that dampens the spirit of it. I owned a 2001.5 A4 1.8t quattro for 13 years, which was honestly a much more fun car to drive in the twisties. The smaller engine balanced the car wonderfully and I could throw it into corners just as easily as any BMW. With a light tune, the engine was putting out 205hp, making it 113hp/liter. Not bad for a car that still got 27mpg on a daily basis. And it had 248k miles on it and still going strong when it was put out of commission by a deer. If it weren’t for the gobs of torque that the S4 puts out, I’d say the A4 was the better car.

        Btw, I just recently bought the S4 with 111k miles on it, for $5000. Near mint condition.

  3. Yes indeedy, I find no fault with this list although, personally, I’d rather own an pre-1998 MX-5 than an RX-8. It’s not going to run away from anyone, but it’s beautifully balanced, the controls are very direct, and it the sucker is bulletproof. I love the feel of the RX-8’s rotary, but everyone I know who’s owned one has had the engine replaced at least once.

  4. I had a 97 integra and I loved it, I bombed the tranny out of that and bought a 2004 Mitsubishi eclipse gt. its fun to drive and a lot faster with premium fuel, not bad on the wallet either

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