30 comments on “You paid 50000$ for your Ford?!?! Should have bought that Porsche.

  1. If at all possible I luke to buy a pre-reg car, or lightly used ex BMW management vehicle. My latest purchase had 1500 miles on the clock, and I saved £7000 from the £32,000 list price.

    My best ever “bargains” have been a new Cadillac listed at around £30,000 – I paid £16,000 because it had stood around for a year. I waited a year when the 135 M sport Coupe was launched. At launch the dealer offered ZERO discount, when the Recession hit our shores I picked a brand new one for £26,000 – saving £10,000.

    The key is on line research, I usually start looking for my next vehicle about 24 hours after a purchase!

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    • Thank you for reading and following me!!

      My blog is based on Canadian values and sometimes USD values therefore alot of the overseas bargains would not apply here at all. I love the choice of the 135 M sport coupe, great buy, arguably more of a drivers car in comparison to an E90 M3, however it can be strongly argued to that the benefits of an early model E90 M3 would be the better choice. Either way great buy!

      • I just enjoy the drive, and chopping them in when the opportunity arises. The only driving I’ve done in Canada was in fantastic Nissan 3 litre V6, boy the Police got excited when they pulled me over for doing about 70 mph on a wide, dry, empty highway, and a woeful Pontiac which looked gorgeous and felt as flat as a pancake. The best roads where in B.C.from memory.

      • I agree man, a beautiful drive on a beautiful road is what its all about. If you ever want to experience snow driving…..aka rally driving, up here is where it’s at. I’m in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and the snow up here is pretty intense.

        If you ever need advice on anything for your specifc needs please ask me as I would love to help in any way.

  2. Depreciation is not an issue if you plan to drive your new car until the wheels fall off. Also, when buying a used sports car, there is the high possibility that the previous driver beat on the car. Even if the used sports car still has its factory warranty, the damage done by the previous driver may not show up until the warranty is over, and all the headaches of costly repairs goes to the current owner who bought the used car.

    It really depends on each person. I wanted a sports car, and to be sure no one abused her previously, I bought my car new. She only had 15 miles on her. To me, it was worth it.

    • Thank you for following my blog! It’s really cool to have people share their passion with me.

      I can understand where you come from completely in respect to getting a virgin of a car, it’s a common peace of mind thing that most buyers will use as their primary new car selling point. Having owned well over a dozen cars, all used, I would have the strongly disagree with your first comment.

      When buying a used sports car, lets use a Porsche 911, do you know what the average age and demographic of these individuals are? They are usually in their 50’s, have very reputable jobs, and their hormone levels are significantly lower then their teenage doppelgangers. Plus most of these cars (aka any GT variant) are meant to be driven (more like abused) on the track for, and if you search on 6speedonline or rennlist there are hundreds of owners who have tracked their cars for 10′ of thousands of miles. Tracking means redlining all the time, braking hard, turning with a purpose, etc, etc and most sports cars are built for this purpose. Funny thing is most people who store their 997 GT3’s have RMS oil leaks and those who use them regularly and reline them (that’s 8400 RPM which sounds like abuse) actually experience significantly reduced issues? It’s like going to the gym, and having a good conversation with the man beside you about your entire life story for an hour….how the hell is that a work out if your breathing ok and able to even converse? These cars and most high stress sports cars need to be properly worked out to keep them in shape.

      There are also very basic tests and procedures to be sure a car has been taken care of by the previous owner. You can do “overrev” tests to see how hard the motor has been driven, carfax for accident reports and ultimately if a car is CPO guess what? The dealer has to take care of any imperfections and eat the costs if under warranty. PPI are meant to inpsect these issues prior to a purchase and you will know rather easily if a car has been abused assuming you bring the right tools to inspect (aka a proper mechanic and do a simple google search on the specific car forums)

      Having owned 2 NSX cars, both well over 100000miles, I have experienced two issues, not driving it enough, and how bad I want one again. Never anything with reliability.

      I think if your a clueless buyer who has no idea where to start the search then yes there can be an issue. I think if someone has no concept of how far their dollar can go for the simple fact of “making you happy” then this all doesn’t matter and depreciation means nothing.

      But what about buying a used car for 25000$, driving it hard, and selling it for 15000 a few years later or buying a car under warranty for 40000$ and realizing that its worth 20000 a few years later….with 100 less HP, 250 of them on the road, boring looks, lack of soul, etc etc?

      If you really want a sports car, do your homework and better yet “drive a lot of cars” not new, but used as well. You might be kicking yourself in the ass when you read articles like “best Porsche investments” and a 996 GT3 is on the cover and it will not break down on you even the previous owner was an 18 year old male with daddies money buying him the car.

      food for thought

      Live to Drive!

  3. Hi! Thanks for following my blog. I know little about cars, but over the years I’ve bought used ’cause knowing that as soon as you roll off the lot, thousands of dollars have been lost gives me the shivers. d:)

    • Absolutely and thanks for following me as well 🙂

      I respect that you already know all too well that new sometimes may not be best, well done on saving a pretty penny!

      Keep blogging! Cool content 🙂

    • HAHA!! Is that a challenge ?!? Cause I would love that thrill!! Danger and cars are a match made in heaven…now throw in Mexico with a few cervesa’s, could be legit trouble!

      Keep on blogging

    • Now this is what I am talking about 🙂 There is nothing really to comment about other than the fact that you did exactly what “everyone” should be doing plain and simple.

      Live to Drive….and to respect your hard earned dollars with the time you wasted making them!

  4. Thanks so much for your visit and follow of my poetry blog. My dream car… runs on hyperadvnced, back-engineered UFO technology and doesn’t need any roads… just wafts you over to wherever you need to go, and lands straight down in the driveway.

    • Now this is what I am talking about, truly getting people to simply rethink their decisions for the better.

      I think you are on target for a pretty cool and affordable car, however for the same price of the baby entry level Benz (which I like it’s design) you can get into a much better, CPO Merc that is CPO, low mileage, 1-3 years old and a class higher (or 2). If you are a die hard Mercedes fan then look at the C-Class (maybe 350) or the E-Class for much more car for the money. If you wanted to buy the CLA because it’s a “sporty looking” Mercedes then by all means make the move. If you have to have that car just wait a year and buy it at that point and save yourself 5000-10000 or buy the CLA45 AMG in a year or 2.

      Same principles apply here. These cars depreciate like a tonne of bricks, your lease payment will be more expensive than you CPO finance payment, and you will be getting way more car for the same or less money.

      What are you main priorities for a car? Do you want a sporty, 4 door car? You have a strong price range to work with, why waste it on a turbocharged 4-banger Mercedes ?? I would much rather buy a 335i sedan or coupe, or better yet a CPO 2010-2012 Audi S4 in a heartbeat (and the list go’s on and on)

      Talk to me man, give me the details you want and I will take care of the rest and make recommednations for you to look for.

      Live to drive…..the best car possible for your budget!

  5. I’m always envious that cars cost so much cheaper out of my country. I own a 2010 BMW which cost me $150k then. Now it has risen to $280k-$300k and I’m itching to change it. But looking at the exorbitant prices, I don’t think I’ll ever replace it unless a prince marry me. Lol.

    • That’s just crazy, seriously insane. Have yourself a nice giggle and go to “www.autotrader.com” or “www.trader.ca” and search your car. Get the Defibrillator ready as you may experience severe heart failure.

      Live to drive…..even a 300K 5-series….made of gold….that turns into an Autobot or Decepticon for that kind of money.

    • Unfortunately Carl Kia and Hyundai are not what people think they are. It’s kinda sad when the real known that of the matter is that cars can be driven thousands and thousands of miles without requiring the oil to be changed especially cars that are low stress, A-B commuters. That being said for them to void the warranty just because you don’t change your oil is absolutely ridiculous and makes me sick to my stomach seeing that happen. Shame on them and shame on Kia and hyundai not only doing this ridiculous shi! but also making very false claims on their MPG ratings (do a google search people).

      I would start by calling your dealer and telling them this fact that you barely drive the car. The proof is in the Odometer based on the previous visit. Second of all it may not be Kia North America giving you the hard time it simply may be the dealership making those idiotic statements.

      Here are a couple links you should read:



      Did you know that high performance cars such as a Porsche 911 require minor service once every 20000 miles or 2 years time?? Tell that to Kia and tell them to go Fu!$ themselves too.

      Buy a used Honda, VW, Toyota next time and avoid scam warranties such as Hyundai/Kia and everyone else who think’s warranties “are the savior” read this over and over again.

      Live to Drive….Not Kia

  6. Your passion about cars is awesome and reminds me of Click and Clack from Car Talk on NPR. I don’t know if they are known in Canada but I listened to them religiously growing up in the U.S. I am looking forward to driving a new Mercedes coupe in a few months when it is delivered. My last sports car was an Audi TT, which was a fun car to drive. Keep up the passionate posts and thanks for following my blog!

    • Hello!! Thanks for much for that comment, hearing things like this pumps me up and gives me all the excitement I need to keep this blog going strong. Comparing me to someone who does this for a living is an amazing feeling. Truly thank you.

      A good Merc coupe is never a bad thing, I am going to go on a limb and say I have a strong feeling, depending on which model it is, you will enjoy it more than your TT. I like the TT but I definitely don’t love it, but I’m thinking you Merc ending with a “K” more than likely and maybe even followed by “AMG” will definitely give you the fun factor you are looking for.

      I will definitely be blogging with new posts very very soon, thank you so much for following!

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