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    • I would have to strongly agree with you on the lotus models, more specifically the elise and exige (with higher price points of course) however for overall drive ability (not best track car for $$$$) they would not suffice. Also my posts are based on Canadian markets and their respective costs therefore attaining eiter one of these models would not make any sense. Espirit, as classic as it is along with it’s beauty, rarity and relative exoticness I would not put my money there.

      • If you can find me an elise in Canada for under 30000$ then it would be on the list. If your visuals worked correctly it would be rather evident using the autotrader search function that the odds of finding a sub 30000$ lotus elise is…..well….slim to none. Regardless tho, we don’t want to misinform my readers now do we?

        Also this isn’t best track car for under 30000$, correct me if I’m wrong but I think you may be missing the point entirely. Also as a true sports car and an all around performer, I wouldn’t be caught dead owning this car for everyday use as it’s overall cabin and daily driving comfort is rather lacking to say the least. Am I saying that the car isn’t one of the best cars money can buy for the track? Absolutely not, although would you not rather spend the extra money and at least make the intellectual choice and buy the exige? If you have that kind of money for a pure track car that makes far more sense in my opinion as well as the opinion of the guys from every automotive journalism magazine known to man.

        My suggestion is to drive a high mileage 996 GT3 and then the lotus (which the cheap ones are over 40000$ easy) and then you tell me what you would want for a track car? You want a hardcore track car, with more luxury and significantly more capable do yourself a favor and humour the GT3 idea. Also the NSX, with a more hardcore suspension and brake set up.

        Type in “Olaf Dobberkau GT3” on youtube. That should do the trick.

        I will do a post “Best track car for under $$$$” and for sure the elise will be on there.

        If you think the 40000$ + dollar elise is a good true sports car for all around driving, then you have never driven one on the street long enough.

        Live to Drive!! On a track too of course lol

  1. Hre is a option several of my Clients chose Another Happy Ur Auto Advisor Customer Byron Peterson On The purchase of his Certified Pre- Owned 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Grand Touring Pkg 348 hp w / 19, 734 miles which Does 0-60 mph In 4.9 Seconds, all Warranties in effect ! Mr. Peterson,s E-Mail 1 Hour After Delivery. David: I wanted to thank you again for serving as my advocate in obtaining the Genesis. Your services were well worth the price. Perhaps you should raise you rates for your next customers (just never me) lol. Like I said, I have been in many luxury cars since 1976 and this car seems to exceed everything I ever thought about those earlier purchases. I know I would not have received any credit if I had been there by myself and it helped so much for you to have given a “heads up” in advance to the credit manager and to help me out with the temporary insurance. I was calm and collected throughout the transaction (which seldom happens at car dealerships when I try to negotiate, personally, while also trying to understand all the financial issues at the same time)– as you said you insure “a drama free” atmosphere. So feel free to use me as a solid reference and, again, thank you. Byron Petersen
    Faver David’s photo.
    Faver David’s photo.
    Faver David’s photo.
    Faver David’s photo.
    Faver David’s photo.
    Faver David’s photo. Best Sports cars under 30000$ 013
    Genesis Coupe

    274-hp 2.0L Turbo I4 engine or 348-hp 3.8L V6 engine
    Sport-tuned suspension and available Brembo® brakes
    Available touchscreen navigation and 360-watt Infinity® audio system with 10 speakers

    Starting MSRP $24,250I thought this should be in the category !

    • Genesis Coupe I would have to say is a good value in respect to cars in that category for “new” purchases however in respect to one of the best cars you can get for uner 30000$ it would not be considered in my opinion. I would much rather consider a 2007+ G35/37 coupe, 350Z, NSX, NSX, NSX, NSX (did I mention the NSX), Probably even get a higher mileage 996 C4S (with RMS/IMS mods, good track record high mileage), 987 Cayman/boxster base or higher mileage S, S4, M3 (E46), c6 vette base, 335i coupe, E55 AMG, Toyota Supra TT, 3 x RX-8 for the week haha!! I think the car is great, don’t take it the wrong way, but I think if you had a lot full of all these cars and drove them side by side, read all the forums for reliability and overall depreciation and value, and this most important factor “how amazing you feel after driving it” relative to dollar paid, you would be hard pressed to buy the genesis. In canada here are the MSRP (no options) 26500 (2.0T manual) and 36900 (3.8GT manual)…..your almost at 996 GT3 prices which makes me sick how this would even be considered (assuming cash purchase and no need to finance of course) however a high interest line of credit would still save you money looking at cost alone since the 996 GT3 has hit rock bottom and the genesis will get killed every year is price.


      Now all this being said if you look at a 2011 genesis coupe, V6, leather, etc they go for the sub 25000$ range easy, which makes it a much better buy. However having driven all of the cars mentioned as better alternatives, I would much rather go those routes. I think once you hit 15000$ the genesis would be a good buy.

  2. You haven’t seen the prices of Dodge Vipers lately, have you. Regrettably, because I own a 1997 Blue White GTS Coupe, there are way too many of the earlier Gen 1 and 2 models going for under $30,000.

    It’s pure aggression and not for the faint of heart. I don’t see how it could be left off the list. It’s mean, nasty, violent, and oh so loveable and sexy at the same time and an absolute bargain these days. Cheers.

    • Hey man!!

      That’s so funny you say that since my blog is always a work in progress that is actually a car I did consider putting on there. Having driven a 2001, early gen ACR I loved it……for the most part. I found that it has “soul” in an “I am going to kill you any second” sort of way, to say the least, but the overall car itself didn’t really do much for me in regards to overall appeal because plain and simple it’s just not a car you can drive and enjoy the ride for longer than 5 minutes as the cabin and overall feel of being the driver in the cockpit is horrendous. Also the numbers are not extravagant for early year vipers, along with it’s very low Tech, low specific output motor, “scary to drive” for damn sure (The ACR needed tobe driven deliberately, carefully, and with respect) and arguably the worst interior of virtually any car, I cannot have it on the list in my personal opinion. The 1996-2002 GEN 2 vipers were a huge improvement I agree, but I don’t think anyone can truly enjoy driving that car for prolonged periods of time unless on a track. However that being said it’s still a strong contender especially considering their prices I believe have virtually bottomed out. I decided to opt for the 405 HP C5 Z06 over the Viper but only by a very narrow margin in my personal opinion, yet for some reason the “I’m a dodge viper” still lures me into making the switch! Basically the scary, crazy, great numbers, kinda lunatic nature of the viper does make it one of the top cars for under 30000$ as well as great overall performer. Do I think it’s a great buy for someone who’s main priority in the sports car market is getting the most unique and raw performing car that will hold it’s value stronger than most others, absolutely! Do I think it’s a good recommendation to the masses……absolutely not….unless they are scary gearheads like us man. But you know the really hardcore guys like us are very few.

      Great suggestion and I totally agree with you that it is a great car…..but supercharge an NSX and it will be much more rewarding.

      Live to Drive

      • Sometimes “low-tech” is better; and I disagree about the “pathetic motor”. The pre-2002 V10’s are virtually bullet-proof to 1200hp. Whether you Supercharge, TT, or (in my case) put a 300 shot of Nitrous on it, you’ve got anywhere from 750-1100 HP before you have to mess with the internals.

        That’s gut-wrenching, sphincter puckering, head-spinning excitement right there. Every thing you say about the Viper is true; and Dodge never try to say otherwise.

        The Viper is a race car; plain and simple. If you’re looking for comfort and forgiveness; look at the Vette. If you’re truly looking for a beast; get the Viper.

        It’s a fine line; but I love my car and would never trade it for a Vette. I might trade it for a 199x FD2 Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo with low miles, but that’s for a whole ‘nother reason! 🙂

      • Remember we have to discuss factory spec cars, and in that respect the viper produces 56 hp/liter. Also if that’s the discussion might as well say that those crazy guys with B18 Honda motors fully built are making 600-800 HP as well (over 300HP/L), plus the nitrous shot on and on and on and on and on and on. Even then the viper with factory internals producing lets say 1000 HP (again with turbo charging) is still making 125HP/L which is similar to Lancer EVO, STI’s, 997 Turbo, Mini Cooper Works, or anything with a small motor that has forced induction. Any car can be made fast rather easily, can it handle the power?? In a straight line ya maybe with completely upgraded suspension and brakes and chasis and tires, yet now we might as well buy a 997 turbo because overall it’s a better sports car. Remember it’s not best car to give you a heart attack and adrenaline rush, it’s best sports car overall for the price range.

        I agree with you in respect to the excitement, anytime you feel like your doing something extremely dangerous you feel this heart pumping adrenaline. Totally agree with you 120%. I myself would also rather the viper over a vette, however the masses would be more disappointed in the viper I truly believe if they plan on using it for a long period of time. Your explaining all the reasons why people would get the vette over the viper, and your right. Remember most people aren’t nuts like us??? No??!!

        Your car is amazing, I agree, but you know as well as I do a sports car is overall driving feel, not just I am going to kill you and your going to love it? Think of the viper in terms of a woman……I think for a day or two it would be fun but for the love of god that B!#?$ is crazy !

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